Introducing Myself

Hi! I’m Chelsea! Wanna learn ASL?

In my opinion…. knowing how to sign is for everyone. It brings out your expressive side. Being bilingual also makes you more employable. And in those weird times… human connection means more than ever.

We’ll have fun on zoom during our weekly time slot using flash cards and games to learn how to converse in ASL. All participants in our program are encouraged to start signing back to us as much as possible by lesson #2. It takes approximately 3 months to get through one level of ASL. Theron and I are both Deaf instructors, and our goal is simple: to get you comfortably signing conversationally fluently as soon as possible. Your active participation must match our interactive class, and you’re going to be signing to your screen!

You’ll be able to begin ASL 1 and finish ASL 4 with us if you keep going!

Why us?

  • Because online university courses offered by colleges often lack 1:1 support
  • Because you want to make sure you’re retaining everything you’re learning
  • It’s been proved many times that actually using your ASL to converse with Deaf people naturally improves your sign – so why not do it from your couch?
  • We’ll even customize the vocabulary you learn to your desired area of vocation

As I wonder to myself what is next, what I would like to write here in the future …

In the future, I look forward to sharing how my past ventures led me here.

ASL Resolutions is here to stay, it will bring not only local, but international change for Deaf people worldwide.

I’ll also keep you updated here with new developments as we continue to serve our local and global communities and find new pockets of language deprivation.

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